Care N’ Care Health Plan Reminds Residents to Show “Love and Appreciation” on Grandparents’ Day Sept. 9

(FORT WORTH, Texas – Aug. 28, 2018) — Sept. 9 is National Grandparents’ Day, and Care N’ Care Health Plan is encouraging all residents of North Texas to use that day as an opportunity to honor and recognize their grandparents for contributions they have made – and continue to make – to our communities and to the lives of loved ones.

“Honoring one’s grandparents can be as simple as making a phone call, arranging a family get-together, taking your grandparents to lunch or a ballgame, or surprising your grandparents with flowers or ice cream,” says Care N’ Care CEO Wendy Karsten. “The ideas are limitless, and what you do doesn’t need to be big or grand. It just needs to demonstrate that you care and that you take the time to tell them they are appreciated.”

Many people honor their grandparents through a range of activities such as gift-giving, card-giving and for children to invite their grandparents to school for a day where they participate in special lessons or special assembly programs. Many school students take part in storytelling activities that relate to their grandparents as well as art or poster competitions where children often use a story about their grandparents in their artwork.

For grandparents themselves, the day is a time to share their wisdom, perspectives and values with their grandchildren. “Grandparents are our connection to the near past and to the events and experiences that strongly affect our lives,” says Karsten. “In this way they provide our society a link to our national heritage and traditions.”

Karsten says that National Grandparents’ Day also provides “a wonderful opportunity for children of all ages to learn a little more about the aging process and the challenges that come with aging so that we remember to treat older adults with the dignity and respect they deserve. Such awareness can translate to increased compassion, patience and ultimately a better relationship between generations.”

The most important thing that grandparents can do for their grandchildren is to stay healthy so they can continue to share their love and make a positive impact in the lives of others. In support of that, Care N’ Care offers a wealth of resources for all seniors throughout North Texas, such as healthy-living guides and healthy-eating recipes (both available on the Care N’ Care website) and health-related events in the community such as water aerobics or tai chi in the park. For Care N’ Care members, the health plan provides a host of value-added benefits, special events and even a personal Customer Experience Team that help assure members get the care and considerations they need.

Care N’ Care is a local Medicare Advantage health plan providing North Texas Medicare beneficiaries in Tarrant, Johnson, Dallas, Collin, Denton, Rockwall and parts of Parker counties affordable alternatives that improve and simplify Medicare coverage. With both PPO and HMO health plans, Care N’ Care offers all of the traditional benefits included in original Medicare plus additional benefits and services, including a personal Customer Experience Team to serve as the single point of contact and trusted partner throughout the member’s healthcare experience. For more information about Care N’ Care and its Medicare Advantage health plans, call 877-665-2622 (TTY 711), 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., seven days a week; or visit

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