Heart Attack and Stroke-COVID-19

Care N’ Care Health Plan Reminds Seniors That

Heart Attacks and Strokes Don’t Stop, Even During a National Pandemic


Health Plan Offers Warning Signs and Other Tips for Seniors to

Stay Healthy and Safely Access the Care and Resources They Need


(FORT WORTH, Texas – May 26, 2020) — As the coronavirus dominates the healthcare concern of every American, Care N’ Care Health Plan (HMO/PPO) reminds local seniors that heart attacks and strokes don’t stop, even during a national pandemic.

“It is easy to be consumed with anxieties about the coronavirus, and seniors in particular should take every possible precaution to avoid being exposed,” says Care N’ Care Chief Medical Officer David Sand, M.D. “At the same time, we can’t let down our guard about the warning signs of other health issues and foremost among these are heart attack and stroke.”

Dr. Sand reminds people that the warning signs for a heart attack include chest pain, difficulty breathing and discomfort in the chest, back, neck, jaw and shoulders. Warning signs in women can be very different from men, and women may only feel fatigue or heaviness. Warning signs for a stroke include loss of balance, confusion, trouble speaking or understanding, and numbness or weakness of movement in the arms or legs.

“If you experience any of this, getting care quickly is critical to getting better and to limiting any long-term damage to your health,” says Dr. Sand. “If you think you are suffering a heart attack or stroke, call 911 immediately. This is particularly critical for those with an existing heart history or other chronic conditions. You should not feel afraid to go to the hospital or ER; hospitals have safety measures in place to protect patients from the coronavirus.”

While heart attacks and strokes are of major concern, they are not the only health issues that confront seniors or are of worry to Dr. Sand. “During this new and immediate threat, it is particularly important that each of us continue to take good care of ourselves by practicing healthy habits. That means eating right, exercising, washing hands frequently and taking medications as prescribed. It is also important to continue to focus on any chronic medical conditions to prevent them from getting worse. If you take control of your health conditions, you can lower your risk of becoming ill with the coronavirus.”

To help seniors who may have general questions about their health or feel that they may need a health visit, in March Care N’ Care introduced telehealth as a fully covered healthcare benefit for all of its members. Telehealth can be done from a person’s home and can be performed by physicians and certain non-physicians such as nurse practitioners, physician assistants and other qualified health professionals. This “virtual visit” allows people to get the health advice they need at a time when the public is being asked to avoid travel and practice social distancing to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission.

Care N’ Care is also encouraging all seniors to visit the Care N’ Community page on its website—cnchealthplan.com—to access links to health and wellness materials, Medicare information and web-based resources for seniors. In addition, Care N’ Care has created a new section on its website where members can turn to as a one-stop shop for important information they need during the current pandemic. And Care N’ Care’s team of health concierges remains available to assist members with any questions they may have.

Care N’ Care is a Medicare Advantage health plan providing North Texas Medicare beneficiaries in Collin, Cooke, Dallas, Denton, Erath, Rockwall, Hood, Johnson, Palo Pinto, Parker, Somervell, Tarrant and Wise counties affordable alternatives that improve and simplify Medicare coverage. With both PPO and HMO health plans, Care N’ Care offers all of the traditional benefits included in original Medicare plus additional benefits and services, including a Customer Experience Team to serve as the single point of contact and trusted partner throughout the member’s healthcare experience. For more information about Care N’ Care and its Medicare Advantage health plans, visit cnchealthplan.com. Y0107_20_316_C


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